OKK-ULTh - ELISABETH BATHORY 2x7-inch in box - limited 414 copies - S13

Out of the hidden room of his batcave, Okk-Ulth returns with a conceptual work about the blood countess Elizabeth Bathory.  It is divided over two heavy weight 7-inch vinyls in a cover that suits what it contains.

The voice of the beast speaks about a beast, it presents Elizabeth.  A serpentine whispering slithers to its threatening finale over a brooding soundscape.  There : virgins vanish suddeny behind the wall of sacrifice, all for the sake of the blood countess' beauty.  And cruelty.

After flipping the thick slab of vinyl, here come the waves of what seems to be a treated distorted guitar, gushes of doom, ethereal choirs seeping through.  And the demonic voice speaks again. "cataclysm is coming ... the nocturnal beast is insane."   The choirs direct their chants to heaven, but it is all in vain : the morose strings prevail and leave a bitter taste in the fog of the night.  668 virgins, they all die.

Another disc, prepare for part two.  Behind the curtains of anxiety a sole female voice repeats the countess' name.  A whispering shadow in the dark looms up from behind her reverberating eeriness.  Hints of repetitive melodies float by.  They're backed by eighties-like string fragments, stressing the threat inherent to the other elements of the piece.

On the other side of the 7-inch, a hissing gives in to solemn, pitch-black string tapestries that slowly start to form a well worked out neo-classical whole.  This work is a proof that Ah Cama-Sotz'  dr. blood obviously draws a distinction between his different projects.  This is something different from his other work, only related to it by its darkness, but never has it been this present as on this demonic vinyl duo : this is spectre 13.  The new number of the beast.

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